• Too much

    Sometimes I realize—
    I’m all words. A book perhaps;
    a small anecdote.

    I was born without
    the fishing line that divides
    ties from compromise.

    If you have any
    part of me, so will he, and

    I will be whisked off
    into a sea of people,
    not knowing my name.

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  • "It’s not that I can’t do this alone without God.
    It’s that I wouldn’t even want to.
    J.S.  (via jspark3000)

    (via jspark3000)

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  • god, I love you.

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  • amazing

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  • If rifts disappeared

    at the lips, like with a kiss

    we’d have so much breath 

    to let each other know that

    things will be just fine. 

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  • The dashing men who have shaped and affirmed so much of who I am. The mothereffers who’ve fed me 20 beers when I needed it most. The broz who have always PICKED ME UP THO and saved me countless times. The friends who have always told me I was a shark, who saw me at my worst and demanded more of me. Our lost boys, our forever flames of adventure, loyalty, and extremely bad ideas. #225 #carlships #sponge #madlow #CRACK @mklauhaus @drunkenmunkee @phantomduckz

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  • #woodships #carlships

  • #carlships #bodyroll

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  • Reposting some nonsense from this wknd. #carlships #claeysss #forsponge

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  • I’d go anywhere with you

    There’s been a subtle tip into a changing world. We always asked, where should we go? but now we’re saying, anywhere.

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  • "I know now, Lord, why you utter no answer. You, yourself, are the answer. Before your face questions die away. What other answer would suffice?"
    C.S. Lewis (via jspark3000)

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  • jessicalin:

    Yo, you move like a mountain goat.

    just doing what we do best.

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